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Antipasto all’Italiana

A selection of cured meat, green leaves salad, mozzarella cheese, shaving of cheese and served with homemade toasted bread 9.90 

Pate di fegato di pollo

Chicken liver pate served on homemade toasted bread 7.90

Avocado Edda

Sautéed prawns and mushrooms with warm avocado topped with fontina cheese 7.90

Insalata tricolore (V)

A fresh Italian mozzarella cheese served on a base of green leaves salad, cherry tomatoes & avocado with a delicate lemon and extra virgin olive oil dressing 7.90 

Funghi trifolati misti (V)

A selection of mixed mushrooms sautéed in cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and white wine sauce 6.90

Sardine alla griglia

Fresh grilled sardines with rock salt and a side of cherry tomatoes, radicchio salad 6.90

Bruschetta della casa (V)

Homemade toasted bread topped with extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, pesto and a hint of garlic 6.90

Pasta E RISO

As starter 7.90 as main 9.90

Tagliatelle con ragu’ OR zola e speck

Homemade egg-pasta with very own grandma’s recipe bolognaise sauce


with gorgonzola cheese and speck ham

Gnocchi al pesto (V) OR zola e speck

Homemade potato dumplings with pesto sauce (V)


With gorgonzola cheese and speck ham

Cannelloni Ripieni

Home made cannelloni pasta filled with mincemeat, besciamella sauce and tomatoes sauce, topped with parmesan cheese

Risotto al taleggio OR ai funghi (V)

A northern Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency, combined with butter and taleggio cheese OR mixed with sauteed mushroom (V) (no cheese) (since rice takes at list 25 minutes to cook, please be aware you will need to wait a little for this special dish)


Filetto al dolcelatte – Rigoletto’s special

Grilled beef fillet topped with dolcelatte cheese and a glaze of red wine, coated with beef stock 21.90

Gamberoni e scampi alla pescatora

Pan fried king prawns and scampi, with a taste of shellfish of the day, served in a cherry tomatoes and white wine sauce 19.90

Medaglioni ai funghi

Grilled beef fillet, topped with a creamy sauce with mushroom, red wine and brandy 19.90

Lombo di agnello

Loin of lamb served with fresh mint sauce and white wine stock 18.90

Fegato di vitello alla salvia

Thinly sliced and pan-fried veal liver served in a sage, white wine and butter sauce 18.90

Saltimbocca alla romana

Lightly sautéed veal escallops topped with parma ham and sage, in a white wine sauce 16.90

Piccata al limone

Flour dusted veal escallops sautéed in butter with lemon and served in a white wine sauce 16.90

Bocconcini di pollo

Roasted chicken breast wrapped in speck and filled with fontina cheese, served on a bed of mushroom and a white wine sauce 15.90 


Zucchine fritte (V)

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